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Let's Learn Together

We knew we needed to learn facts when it came to the products we were using in our bodies and our home because after Johnson & Johnson admitting to asbestos - that was our final straw. We now feel a responsibility to share what we're learning ourselves.

Little did we know that our little toxin investigation was simply the next layer in our own Vacationing Life journey. 

N E E D E D 

What if instead of planning the next vacation, you created a life you didn't need to escape from? Thanks to Seth Godin, we heard his words of wisdom and embraced them 100% for our family and began living our own Vacationing Life - as regular, 40-something parents, with degrees, a mortgage, and a mini-van (yes, we swore we wouldn't have one either - but ah those sliding doors!)

Join us as we share and collaborate with other Vacationing Life families who also simply desire lives we no longer need to escape from. 

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"When I found out that companies like Johnson & Johnson had no problem making billions on the bums of my babies all while withholding the life-threatening and damaging chemicals they were using. I was done and started searching for safer, cleaner, greener, and the silver lining was it also included being cheaper."

-Tamsen Horton: mom, wife, & attorney
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