A NEW Kind of Magazine for You & Your Family. Coming January 2018

Stories You Identify With

Families intentionally creating many different versions of what it means to live:work in today's modern world. Rewriting traditional tales in inspiring and fun ways.

Things You Want to Try

Practical life hacks, books, adventures, recipes, restaurants, or smoothie bars - we'll cover it all and showcase the very best of what families are loving right now.

Adventures You Want to Take

If there's ONE thing we've learned it is that EACH and EVERY day we have can have elements of our favorite vacations woven into them - including doable adventures that you can do NOW.

At all familiar?

Saturday afternoon. You're looking at yet another vacation sitting in your shopping cart. You so want to click "buy now" but schedules, money, or other "life" stuff is somehow getting in the way ...


90%! Almost there

All for you

Vacationing Life is a space for you and your family to showcase the amazing experiences and stories only you can tell and be inspired, encouraged, and uplifted daily.

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